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Discover a New World of Bottles 

TQBOTTLES offers a wide variety of bottle shapes, sizes, and closures so that you're able to find the perfect bottles for your needs online from the comfort of your home or office. Browse our selection or feel free to contact us for help fulfilling your container needs.

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    Beauty & Health

    Package products for your beauty or health company in any of our stylish, eye catching bottles with the right caps for any product texture.

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    Food & Beverage

    Jams, juices, and more can be stored in any of our plastic or eco-friendly glass containers. Find the right ones for your home or restaurant needs.

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    Home & Industrial

    Store or package vitamins, medicines, supplements, and more in our containers that come in all shapes and sizes.

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    Eco-Friendly Glass

    Worried about recyclability and protecting the environment in your home or business? TQ Bottle’s variety of glass bottles and containers make it possible for you to package or keep anything you need in ways that will not harm the environment.

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  • catalog-featuredindustry-banner-05.jpgCaps & Closures

    Caps & Closures

    TQ Bottles offers a wide variety of caps and closures. Full closures, dispensing caps, pumps, and sprayers of all kinds are available to suit any of your needs from kitchen use to skincare and for any kind of product packaging.

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    Bottles in All Shapes and Sizes

    We're proud of our wide selection of plastic bottles available for all uses in all shapes and sizes. Find the perfect bottles for your product vision or go for utility and affordability with a bulk order!

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Custom Orders 3-Step

  • Step 1

    Concept – What do you want?

    Tell us your product idea and we’ll work with you from the ground up. Work with us to plan everything - the shape, color, capacity, closures, transparency, and branding of your custom bottles.

  • Step 2

    Design – How will it be made?

    Our professional engineers will create digital product drawings, 3D renderings, and finally build custom mods for your design. Molds will be created so your bottles can be mass produced.

  • Step 3

    Realize – Prototypes and production

    Our factory will produce a sample of your final product. Once approved we will begin mass production with strict quality control and finally apply all external branding to your orders.


phone : 657-354-7073

Product Review



The new clear caps are gorgeous, my customers love them! They're really popular with my younger customers. Thanks again for the great products.



High quality and easy to use. We’ll definitely order more when we run out.



Sturdy. The bottles are high quality and the shape makes them perfect for shop displays.



These sprayer bottles are really high quality for the price. My business has made several orders to refill our stock and will continue to do so.



Satisfied with the quality and price. Sometimes we end up with a defective cap or two, but that’s to be expected with bulk orders and it’s rare enough we’re not bothered.



These green sprayer bottles are perfect for our products, our customers love them!